presented by GEORGIA, Denver

SPRING 2019: SKY LINES became a BY-MAIL + DIGITAL exhibition presented by GEORGIA, Denver.

SKY LINES is a BY-MAIL + ONLINE exhibition brought to life by participants who received and documented postcards delivered to them as physical mail. Participants documented the artwork they received and sent their photographs to Georgia Art Space through digital mail. On 5 April the exhibition went live: SKY LINES will live out a digital existence. As a collaborative project between Briget Heidmous, Sommer Browning and a community of participants from across the country the exhibitions presents ways physical object may exist in the context of daily life.

GEORGIA is a pop-up art space located in the alley behind 952 Mariposa Street in Denver's La Alma neighborhood. GEORGIA aims to blur space and purpose, to bring artists, musicians, writers, fabricators & thinkers together, to bring them together in a garage, to bring them together in a garage for a short period of time. More about GEORGIA in One Good Eye and Westword.
GEORGIA is sisters with 1122 in Portland, Oregon.

SKY LINES in context. Denver, CO.

SKY LINES in context. Denver, CO.


The exhibition features minimalist photographs and drawings of the industrial infrastructure that makes lines between us and everything.

The imagery featured comes from Paris, Milly-la-Forêt (FR), Washington D.C (USA), the DMZ* and Songtan (SK).

* The DMZ is the demilitarized zone between North Korea and South Korea.