SKY LINES are minimalist photographs and drawings of industrial infrastructure from around the world.

The photographs are taken with an iPhone 7+ or Nikon D3500. The drawings are made from memory with a Pilot Precise V5 RT. SKY LINES is a global documentation project that parallels the verisimilitude of documentary photography and the experiment of drawing from memory.



SPRING 2019: SKY LINES became a BY-MAIL + DIGITAL exhibition presented by GEORGIA, Denver, 2019.

SKY LINES is a BY-MAIL + ONLINE exhibition brought to life by participants who received and documented postcards delivered to them as physical mail. Participants documented the artwork they received in the mail and sent their photographs to Georgia Art Space through digital mail. On 5 April the exhibition became public online; the exhibition will live out a digital existence. This collaborative project between Briget Heidmous, Sommer Browning and participants from across the world presents ways physical objects may exist in the context of daily life.




Sommer Browning is the owner of GEORGIA, a DIY exhibition space in the Santa Fe Arts District of Denver Colorado, Browning is a librarian and poet who is dedicated to providing space and opportunity for artists to collaborate in experimental ways.

A selection of images from SKY LINES at GEORGIA, DEN.

A few thoughts about SKY LINES:

Heidmous finds peace in the lines between us and infinite space. She shares that feeling through the minimalist photographs and drawings that are SKY LINES. From her specific perspective we experience the industrial infrastructure that constructs human-inhabited environments presented through photographs and from memory drawings.

In a compassionate simplification of our rich and expansive lives: We can distilled our existence down to location, space and place. We exist and we create place in the spaces we inhabit.

Breaking it down: There is a set of coordinates expressing our location, an array of these coordinates describes the spaces we inhabit and the landmarks we use to express space. What we do in these spaces, what happens to us, with us and around us is bound not only to our lived experience but also in the the makeup of a place. Place further embodies a set of incongruent yet overlapping sets of personal experiences as an energetic existence.

A place can then be described as it’s location, it’s space and it’s energy.