BY-PRODUCT: A Transmutation

BY-PRODUCT: A Transmutation is a place-based performative project that makes physical
the experience of being silenced and addresses the complexity of evolution under this definition:
“an entity’s ‘biological’ response to a series of stimulus”.

Transmutation |  102 W. CO. AVE. COS. CO. 80903 | October 2018 | House paint on exterior, west facing, wall.

Transmutation | 102 W. CO. AVE. COS. CO. 80903 | October 2018 | House paint on exterior, west facing, wall.

BY-PRODUCT addresses stamina, transmutation, resources and the healthy tensions of growth.
It is a pop-up experience that merges physical performance and public art.

Conceived in three-parts, the project activates, investigates and presents itself through a self-reflexive creative process-driven experiment. The process is designed to be malleable and situationally responsive.


BY-PRODUCT begins with activation, a performance involving common materials to accomplish visceral experiences and artworks. I soak butcher’s twine in latex paint, then masticate it with my hands and feet against paper on the ground. I pull monoprints of each of the pieces of string by stomping on the damaged twine between two pieces of paper and two pieces of wood. Repetition generates sculptural objects and monoprints.


Investigation follows; I document the piece’s movements and objects using time-lapse images, notes and sketches. I make drawings of how my body moves, based on the marks left behind. Relying also on memory to interpret the performance’s “by-products,” I compile all of this information and prepare for a large-scale mural painting.


The final presentation can be formatted as either a public mural, an installation or a combination. To produce a mural, the concept-art from the previous phases are transferred to a larger surface; the mural is executed with a minimal color palette featuring lines and shapes as they intersect and diverge. An installation exhibits “by-products” of the performance and investigative materials alongside an indoor mural or multiple large-scale paintings on paper.


BY-PRODUCT: A Transmutation offers considerable opportunities for targeted education, visual literacy initiatives, youth-activities and a breadth of public engagement scenarios.

The project calls for a context that encourages respectful public engagement with experimental performance and a site that can accommodate house paint and water. Ideally the process results in an on-site mural; either interior or exterior, ephemeral or long-lasting.