Four Works Published in Faultline 27. A publication from UC Irvine.


First published in 1992 by founding editor Alyn Warren, Faultline is UC Irvine’s Pushcart prize-winning journal. Housed in UC Irvine’s Department of English and produced by the graduate students of the Programs in WritingFaultline features the work of emerging and established writers from the U.S. and abroad. The journal publishes new poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction, translations, and art in an annual spring issue.


Faultline 27 was edited by Julie Schulte and Nick Maurer. This 27th issue of Faultline features work by Priscilla Becker, Peter Campion, Jos Charles, Alan Chazaro, Gareth Culshaw, Shira Dentz, K.S. Ernst, Nick Flynn, Kenneth Goldsmith, Briget Heidmous, Noah Jashinski, Christopher Kang, Jaime Lalinde, Mark Leidner, Eleanor Levine, Inger Wold Lund, Lucie McLaughlin, Dan Meththananda, Chelsey Minnis, Ivan de Monbrison, Andrew Motion. W.E. Mower, A. Muia, Jessy Randall, Kay Rosen, Ben Rosenthal, Elizabeth Sackett, Kit Schluter, Edythe Schwartz, Danzy Senna, Emily Sernaker, David Scott Stone, and Amy Stuber.

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