Femme Fatale DC: Womyn Social Entrepreneurs + The New Online Journal "Femme Rising"

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New job at Femme Fatale DC

In August 2019 I landed a new job Washington DC start up ecosystem. This marks my first role supporting a start up.

I on-boarded with Femme Fatale DC early in August, it has been a month of running, my favorite pace when starting a new job. It is a privilege to work with a strong group of inspired women who are heart forward in their labor. It is a fierce feeling to be part of a womyn owned start up that is in action, as much as words, devoted to developing themselves and others.

With immediacy I’ve been given creative liberty to create new content and it means I’m living out a dream of having conversations with womyn social entrepreneurs and sharing them on a platform with a strong community. It is a gift, one that is well earned. And I don’t mind saying that.

Check out Femme Rising and a inspiring conversation with Jennie Light of Bluebird Sky Yoga.