Making plans...and other business.

Also Me: ...You gotta have some plan. 

I was feeling resentment towards the task. Confronted by the concept that plans are developed only to be dismantled. Yet, in an act of attempted self care, I reminded myself that I need some kind of framework to exist within. 

The Framework: 

Minimize possessions (Have the yard sale).
Buy plane tickets. Rent car. Find places to stay. Connect with humans. Make art. See art. Make observational remarks about seeing, experiencing, and existing. 

Fly fromDenver to San Francisco. Drive south from San Francisco to San Diego. Stops: Monterey/Big Sur, Lompoc/Jalama Beach, LA, and San Diego.

San Diego through Kauai to the Republic of South Korea from December to February.

February: Europe. 

March: Ireland.

From there something.


Ze plan...

Rewritten for this purpose.
(Original document lost somewhere between South Korea and Italy)


In the process of making this plan I was confronted with the questions that one must ask when one makes the decision to change directions, de-rail in a sense. 

The train of thought was like this: 

 " 'Who the hell do you think you are?' followed by 'Damn. Who the hell am I?' followed by 'What do I need to do to find out?' followed by 'Who even knows?'."

Ultimately I decided devising a personal mission was the way to confront my resentment towards plan making and to be the solid basis for when plans and expectations fall apart. 

Prior to now I'd never considered the practical purpose of writing a personal mission statement. It seemed like the kind of thing relegated to public figures like CEO's, or Will Smith. 

None the less the need for a personal mission statement presented itself. And I wrote.

(And may I say: If you've never attempted to write might consider it.)

My process: 

  1. Emotion Sorting: 
    1. Positive emotions:
      1. Alive 
      2. Abundant 
      3. Connected 
      4. In flow 
      5. Fulfilled
    2. Negative emotions
      1. Diminished 
      2. Sad 
      3. Isolated 
      4. Stagnate 
      5. Desolate
  2. Action Sorting 
    1. Actions with positive emotional reaction 
      1. Learning 
      2. Investigating
      3. Being in community 
      4. Teaching 
      5. Making 
      6. Theorizing 
      7. Healing
    2. Actions with negative emotional reaction
      1. Complacency 
      2. Perfectionism 
      3. People pleasing 
      4. Inaction/procrastination 
      5. Self-rejection 
      6. Avoidance 
      7. Attachment
  3. Write 500 words on the above assessment.  
  4. Distill into a statement of 20 words or less. 

The Mission: 
Experience. Investigate. Learn of the world and the self. Support others on their journey to do the same.



Essays Against Everything | Mark Greif
White | Kenya Hara
Stretch | Scott Sonenshein


Light Upon the Lake | Whitney
We Were Wild | Esme Patterson
Before the World Was Big | Girl Pool
No Burden | Lucy Dacus

This is the section where I tell you what I'm reading and hearing on heavy rotation.